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Buy large travelers palm 28 ft. Ravenala is a genus of flowering plants with a single species ravenala madagascariensis commonly known as travellers tree or travellers palm from madagascarit is not a true palm family arecaceae but a member of a monocotyledonous flowering plant family strelitziaceaethe genus is closely related to the southern african genus strelitzia and the south american genus phenakospermum.

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It is a tropical plant that grows only in zone 10a in the united states and if left unpruned can grow 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide.

Traveler palm flower. The leaves collect rainwater which flows into the plants stems base and even its flowers ready to aid a thirsty traveler. The females have all that and sometimes end up growing a second or third complete fan from the same trunk. The fan like travelers palm ravenala madagascariensis is not a palm tree at all.

Travelers do well in zone 10 or coastal zone 9b areas. Look at your open hand the travelers palm is absolutely luscious. The travelers palm also known as fan palm is not a palm at all the trunk resembles a palm tree hence the confusion but it is one of the most recognizable trees in the tropics.

The beautiful and legendary travelers palm is actually not a palm at all but spectacular palm like imposter related to bananas and bird of paradise. In reality it is not a palm at all but rather a close cousin of the bird of paradise plants strelitziaceae. It is a majestic species destined to reign over any landscape it.

It is a member of the strelitziaceae family and therefore. Travelers palm trees which are also called ravenala madagascariensis look similar to the bird of paradise palm and the two are often confused. The tourist sees what he has come to see gilbert k.

There is a saying that if you stand in the front of travelers palm and make a wish it will come true. The traveler sees what he sees. The travelers palm tree scientific name ravenala madagascariensis is one of the most recognizable palm trees in the world for its spectacular fronds that range in color from orange to yellow to green.

This nifty looking tree is commonly referred to as the travelers palm ravenala madagascariensis. Native to madagascar this plant is a close relative of the banana plant and belongs to the same family as the. The traveler palm grows much the same way as the sago palm it starts out it is just a bunch of leaves coming straight out of the ground.

The flowers are shaped just like the bird of paradise flowers but are green in color. Chesterton 1874 1936 looking like a cross between a banana plant and a palm tree why do they call them palms. It is endemic to madagascar and the only member of its genus.

A mature travelers palm can bloom it seems endlessly in tropical regions. Travelers palm tree can create a wonderful shaded area in the yard or by the pool. It can adapt to a wide range of soils.

It originates from madagascar which is reflected in its botanical name ravenala madagascariensis. The travelers palm is not a true palm but belongs to the family of the banana tree even though it is not a banana tree.

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