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Traveler Palm Growth Rate

It will reach a height of about 40 feet in about 5 years. The fan like travelers palm ravenala madagascariensis is not a palm tree at all.

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Travelers Palm Tree Ravenala Madagascariensis

Native to madagascar this plant is a close relative of the banana plant and belongs to the same family as the.

Traveler palm growth rate. If you are growing the plant you will find it doesnt bear any fruits they are grown for their attractive leaf pattern. They thrive in well drained soil with some fertilizer applied every 2 months or so. Ravenala madagascariensis grows at the medium rate up to 30 40 ft tall with 10 15 ft ft wide spread.

The wonderful travelers palm trees require a lot of sunlight and only grow in tropical and sub tropical climates. The travelers palm can grow to a height of 25 35 feet and 20 feet wide. It is best to remove these or youll end up with a clump of multiple plants.

Note that these plants will form offsets or suckers. Travelers palm plants may survive in zone 9 but only if they are well protected in the event of occasional frost. It succumbs at temperatures below 32 degrees.

The trunk of the traveler palm over time does become woody and brown in color. Then the plant settles into a nice moderate pace. It typically has a diameter of about 12 inches.

These plants like full sun but can handle part shade and do best when young in an area where the base stays somewhat shaded. The growth rate is fast until a trunk begins to develop. With such an enormous variety of trees in the family its not surprising that their growth rates are as wildly diverse as their size and uses.

It produces multi trunks if the suckers are not trimmed. This is where the name came from traveler palm because the leaves grow east and west. These plants are great addition to landscapes and are fast growing.

Want to learn about growing travelers palm in your garden. Travelers do well in zone 10 or coastal zone 9b areas. Grows best in usda zones 9a 20 to 25 f to 11 above 40 f.

Palm tree size and growth rate from what you already know about palms its not hard to guess the answer to that its depends what kind of palm tree. Travelers palm is definitely a tropical plant suitable for growing in the warm climates of usda plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. Travelers palm tree is one of the most awe inspiring natural palms in the world that can tolerate cold temperature down to 20f.

Eventually it will grow into a full sun height. They could not withstand freezing.

Giant Hawaiian Travelers Palm Tree Ravenala Madagascariensis

Ravenala Madagascariensis Travelers Palm Trees Plants High 2 7m

Travelers Palm

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