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Palm tree care starts with proper selection of species. Although travelers palm ravenala madagascariensis displays big fan like leaves the name is actually a bit of a misnomer as travelers palm plants are actually more closely related to banana trees.

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Unlike a typical tree a palm does not have roots growing deep beneath the tree.

Traveler palm tree care. Native to madagascar this plant is a close relative of the banana plant and belongs to the same family as the. Most palms have a single trunk coconuts though some species grow as clustering or clumping palms. However i had heard andor assumed that the reason its called a travelers tree or travelers palm although not really a palm is because the leaves are always oriented in an east west direction not because of anything to do with water being stored inside as mentioned above.

With palms it is important to take special care for their roots. The traveler palm grows much the same way as the sago palm it starts out it is just a bunch of leaves coming straight out of the ground. Travellers palm is not a true palm in fact its fanned branching structure and foliage are distinctively different from the typical palm.

The fan like travelers palm is not a palm tree at all. The fan like travelers palm ravenala madagascariensis is not a palm tree at all. This exotic plant produces small creamy white flowers which often appear year round.

Choose one that is hardy in your region and situate it where it gets adequate light and has excellent drainage. Travelers palm tree can create a wonderful shaded area in the yard or by the pool. You wont see the trunk of the young tree until it is big enough around to support a good size top.

Root balls branch very little and do not increase in size with the growth of the above ground tree. The travelers palm tree scientific name ravenala madagascariensis is one of the most recognizable palm trees in the world for its spectacular fronds that range in color from orange to yellow to green. It can adapt to a wide range of soils.

Travelers palm ravenala madagascariensis the beautiful and legendary travelers palm is actually not a palm at all but spectacular palm like imposter related to bananas and bird of paradise. Its name comes from the leaf base formation a cupped shape that holds water that thirsty travelers could drink. There are many varieties of palms from which to choose but consideration should also be taken as to the plants mature size.

The common name comes from the plants unique somewhat two dimensional fan of foliage that tends to align in an east west direction when growing in its natural habitat. Native to madagascar this plant is a close relative of the banana plant and belongs to the same family as the bird of paradise.

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