10 Russian Reasons Worth A Visit

Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia may be a country that has never been on your travel list. Perhaps there are still many people who think how scary it is to visit a country that was once known as this communist base. Not to mention the location of his country which is far and close to the North Pole that is imagined, it must be very cold in the country. For Southeast Asians who know only the dry season and the rainy season, there may be some who are curious to be interested in feeling the weather in Russia. We will then explain ten reasons why you should spend a holiday in Russia.

10 Russian Reasons Worth A Visit
10 Russian Reasons Worth A Visit

Here are 10 Russian reasons worth visiting:

  1. Friendly treatment of local people

Russian women are generally known for their elegance, intelligence, social class and appeal. Such characteristics can be found throughout Russia, not just women, including children and fathers. You should know that Russians generally welcome and help foreigners, especially tourists. Although famous Russians rarely smile but they are never reluctant to answer if strangers ask them to.

  1. Russians love art a lot

Russians are famous for loving art because everything can be used as art. A great love for art that makes Russians also like to visit museums. Museums in Russia are amazing because there are many things you won’t see in other countries. So you shouldn’t be surprised when winter comes into the museum for a very long time.

  1. Beautiful Russian

Russian is very beautiful when you hear the Russians talking. Smooth and smooth flowing into the ear. Various worldly experiences that will undoubtedly be interpreted in your language by the Cyrillic alphabet. Most people who have visited Russia consider this language to be the most intimate language compared to other languages in the world, especially if you read the work of Russian writers.

  1. Miscellaneous entertainment
Peterhof Palace Tourism Russia
Peterhof Palace Tourism Russia

From ballet to circus to jazz festivals, classical song concerts are very often performed in venues in Russia. You should know that Russia has the busiest entertainment list in the world. You can’t get bored if you’re in Russia because you can watch various shows in this country.

  1. Life in the evening

Romantic dinners take place in the main cities of Russia. After curfew, you’ll see great views in local restaurants. Bars, restaurants, casinos, cinemas, clubs are decorated with luxurious facilities, but these places are affordable enough in terms of price for you to visit.

  1. Tempting Markets

You can get cherries, nectarines, peaches, oranges, yoghurt, grapes, honey and caviar when you visit the market in Russia. Most of these items are marketed directly by Russian farmers.

  1. Many parks in Russia

For those who really love the park, you may feel at home in Moscow. Why Because almost every place in Moscow has parks. There is a kind of rule that every building must be equipped with a garden. These parks work for children’s playgrounds. If you walk the streets of the city, there will be many parks in front of the building. If there is no park in front of the building, it means that the park is behind.

  1. Russian monuments steeped in history
Rusia- Friendly treatment of local people
Rusia- Friendly treatment of local people

Russia combines an extraordinary and historical heritage. In the remnants of Soviet rule, there were early monuments of the Russian tsar that contained various historical buildings built from palace icons. Russian schoolchildren do not attend formal religious studies at school.

However, when they are in high school or college, they visit all places of worship. Places of worship also function as museums. One of the mosques in Moscow has three floors. The first floor is reserved for men, the second floor for women and the third floor for museums so that residents of other religions can also go to the mosque.

  1. Russia has 12 time zones

Russia has a very large area in the northern part of the earth. From one end to the other, it can reach 8,000 km, almost twice the size of Indonesia. While Indonesia has only three time zones, there are 12 time zones in Russia. Can you imagine how vast Russia is? Of course, it is very broad.

Tourism Rusia
Tourism Rusia
  1. Complete transportation facilities

Moscow’s metro techniques, trains and trams along the Trans-Siberian Railway are very clean and sophisticated. Since Russia is a large region, Russia has fantastic means of transport that will take you to your destination. The Russian government considers the means of transport very well. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to go to tourist attractions if you’re on holiday in Russia.

Enjoy your holiday in Russia!

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