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Moscow Becomes A Powerful Magnet For Tourism In Russia

Moscow City

Have you ever thought about visiting Russia? Russia has proven to have a strong tourist attraction compared to various other surrounding countries. The capital of Russia, Moscow, has a lot of charm, which has prompted many local and foreign tourists to explore it.

Moscow A Magnet For Tourism In Russia
Moscow A Magnet For Tourism In Russia

Moscow is a classic and modern city. Many old buildings stand up but shine brightly like a fairy tale. One of Moscow’s attractions is Red Square. Moscow’s Red Square, in the local language, is called Krasnaya Ploshcad. This area is indeed known as a political symbol.

No wonder, because here is the official residence of the President of Russia with a historical context that follows. But in the sense of harfiyah, Krasnaya is an ancient Russian that means beautiful. Krasnaya is also interpreted as red and is the color of beauty. The name is indeed not wrong because this red field is indeed a beautiful region.

Moscow Red Square

Moscow’s Red Square is a square of about 244,000 square meters. In this area, there is a beautiful old church and is one of the icons of the city of Moscow itself. The church is called the Church of Brazil Street.

At Red Square, it turned out that it had become an impromptu tourist landing. The story unfolded in 1987, when a tourist with an ordinary map named Mathias Rust entered the airspace of the Soviet Union. He landed here on the Cessna aircraft. To avoid pedestrians, the tourist chose to land near a bridge.

Moscow Red Square
Moscow Red Square

In addition to being a landing place for a tourist, Moscow’s Red Square has also become a breeding ground for terrorist acts. In 2003, a widow of the Chenchen rebel launched a suicide bombing at the entrance to the square. As a result of this incident, 5 people were pronounced dead.

Kazan Cathedral Moscow

There are 2 old buildings on Moscow’s Red Square that have been rebuilt. Kazan Cathedral was first demolished by Joseph Stalin in 1936, then rebuilt again after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In addition, the Gates of the Resurrection were also moved in 1931 to allow the entrance of the tanks, and rebuilt in 1994.

The main dictator of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, who died in 1924, was kept in one of the wings of the square. Vladmir’s body began to be exhibited in 1930 in a granite tomb. In addition, Vladmir Lenin’s body was also bleached weekly so that the color of his skin would not fade and be invaded by mold.

Kazan Cathedral Moscow
Kazan Cathedral Moscow

At the top of the Kremlin (the official residence of the Russian president) is a tower called the Tsar’s Tower. This large building stands and looks like fairytale castles. Previously, Tsar Ivan the Terrible was once the place to spy on his subject.

The square also houses a Victorian-style building and has been open since 1893. This shopping centre is a place for the sale of expensive items. Since then, it has been used as a shopping mall and has more than 1000 shops. This building is also known as Gosudarstvenny Universalny Magazine (GUM).

Moscow’s Red Square is a silent witness to the city’s history. Here there are tombs of Soviet rulers, precisely in the Kremlin. Not only the leaders of this country, but also the graves of an American journalist who once documented the birth of the Soviet Union, as well as the many Bolshevik soldiers buried here.

Moscow’s Red Square is indeed a Russian symbol or icon. Here there are only 2 patriotic statues, Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky. Both were state fighters who defeated the Polish invasion in 1612.

St. Church Basilic Moscow

In Moscow’s Red Square is a beautiful church called St. Peter’s Church. basil. This church is a famous church in Russia and is one of the icons of this city. St. Church Basilic is a church built in 1555-1561 and was the tallest building in Moscow. But the predicate was modified during the presence of Ivan’s bell tower in 1600.

St. Church Basilic
St. Church Basilic

Construction of the Church of St Basil e.g. was originally intended to signal the arrest of a Mongolian soldier. Ivan IV was a government at the time. According to the account, two people who led the project were blinded by him to prevent the construction of the same building in the future.

This church was originally only white and the onion-shaped domes were golden in colour. But the church of Saint Basil became colorful on the dome. This church is the main attraction at night. It is said that day and night there is a different mystical aura that emanates from the building.

This building then changed its function as a museum in 1928. The church was not the site of mass services until the day of healing, in October 1990. St. Basil’s entered and was named one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Red Square / Square

The Red Square is the square of the city of Moscow. Various activities are organized here. Starting with popular festivals, celebrations and various entertainment such as music concerts, a number of famous bands have played there, such as Linkin Park, Scorpion and many others.

Why is it called Red Square? Because the buildings around are dominated by red. In addition to being a historic place and square, there is also a commercial place and a number of important buildings in Moscow.

The Kremlin

One of the buildings around the Red Square is the Kremlin. This building is an important building because, before that, russian leaders lived and were also buried. At present, the Kremlin is also the office of the president. The Kremlin is a giant building resembling a fairytale palace.

The building is in the form of a fort with a wall about 2 km long and 19 meters high. The area of about 27.5 hectares makes anyone unable to ignore this building. His position is in the middle. The Kremlin is surrounded by the Moskva River, St. Basilic, Red Square and Alexander Park.

The fort consists of 5 palaces, 4 churches, the wall and the Kremlin tower. The tower is composed of 20 towers and the other is the burial of Russian kings and their relics.

Precious relics such as wreaths, clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc. The fort also suffered damage during the invasion of Poland and France. Many historical events have damaged the fort. But there are also towers that are still solid, namely the tower made by someone from Italy in the 1400s.

Coffee and culinary in Moscow

Coffee and culinary in Moscow
Coffee and culinary in Moscow

According to many stories, many comfortable cafes or food places are located in Moscow. For those who are not familiar with the cuisine, there are also restaurants offering Asian dishes. But still, the price is quite expensive.

Shop in Moscow

The traditional Moscow market, Izmailovo, can be your shopping destination. Various souvenirs are provided here at a relatively cheaper price. You can find keyrings or various other trinkets as souvenirs.

There are also antiques and antiques. However, the location is quite far from the city centre. If you’re lazy or don’t have time to get there, many street vendors also offer trinkets in Red Square.


Take a picture in front of the St. Church Building. Basil at night will look more beautiful plus the lights of the surrounding buildings. Many people argue that this church looks like Disneyland. You who are still not satisfied with the concerns of Red Square, you can admire the best Russian works of art at the Tretyakov State Gallery.

This museum is one of the largest museums in the world and is located not far from the Kremlin. Paintings, sculptures, graphics and works describing the history of this country can be found in this gallery. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of Moscow from the windows.

To do sightseeing using the subway is also worth a try. It is said that what makes it unique is not the train but the metro station which is different from that of other countries. The atmosphere of war that makes the metro station (Moscow metro or metpo) look more like a bunker than a station.

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