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12 Attractions To Visit in Perth Australia

Perth is one of the regions of Australia and is known as the capital of Western Australia. Perth can also be considered one of the favourite tourist attractions of tourists from around the world. The city, also known as city of Light, has an atmosphere that will make visitors feel at home and relax. So where are the tourist attractions in Perth Australia that need to be colonized by you? and is a tourist spot in Australia.

The bell tower Australia

Here are some tourist attractions in Perth, Australia:

  1. The bell tower

When you visit Perth, it certainly won’t be complete if you haven’t visited the bell tower, which is the hallmark of the city of Perth. The building is unique because its shape is very inspired by the goose’s beak, which makes tourists fascinated by its architecture. Made as a mark of time in the city of Perth, the bell tower has bells that are at the top of the tower and from there the chimes can be heard by locals.

Visitors pay an entrance fee of USD 14 or about Rs 183,000, while visitors to children aged 5 to 14 must pay a fine of approximately $9 or Rs 118,000.

The bell tower is open daily from 10am, but operating hours vary depending on the season, with the last hour of entry at 3.45pm. Not open specifically on Good Friday or Christmas.

  1. Ascent of the DNA Tower
Ascent of the DNA Tower Australia

This name probably made it possible to discover that it came from the molecular ductribonucleic acid with double helix. Cool, this building is a building with the highest viewpoint of Kings Park with a stunning panorama.

If you come on a sunny day, you can have a view of the Indian Ocean. Built by D-H Fraser Consulting Engineers in 1966, this building has a 101-metre-high ladder, which is 15 metres high. It is well inspired by the double staircase in France, located precisely in a palace of Blois.

As DNA Tower Climb is open 24 hours a day, visitors will be more flexible during their visits.

Visitors are not charged to enjoy this tourist spot.

  1. St George’s Cathedral
St George’s Cathedral Perth Australia

Located in the heart of Perth, this cathedral is a consecrated place of worship in 1888, where it was erected as an architectural jewel dedicated to the glory of God.

On a small number of cathedrals built from handmade bricks, St. Cathedral George is one of them. This historic cathedral offers a traditional Anglican cult and there is a Christian community made up of members of all ages. For tourists who want religious visits, this place is open to you.

St George’s Cathedral is open daily from 7am to 6pm, but winter closes at 6.30pm and Saturday at 5pm.

For some parts of the office, open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on public holidays.

  1. St. Mary’s Cathedral
St. Mary’s Cathedral Perth Australia

This cathedral is one of Perth’s sights on a hill east of Perth. This cathedral can also be found when tourists visit Victoria Square. Built in three main phases, the construction of the first phase was processed from 1865 to 1930, the second phase from 1930 to 1999, and then the third phase from 1999 to the present day.

St Mary’s Cathedral is open 24 hours a day, but for its own worship, there is a separate schedule that can be seen directly on its official website.

Not charged for visitors, but for parking, the rate is about $10 or Rp 131,000.

  1. Yanchep National Park
Yanchep National Park Perth Australia

For those who have the opportunity to come with your family, Perth also has Yanchep National Park, a fun tourist spot for wildlife lovers. Located about 42 kilometres north of Perth, this place brings great satisfaction to its visitors as this national park is more famous for its varied and beautiful flora and fauna.

In this park you will also find habitat for a number of mammal species, such as the Black-glove Wallaby, the Grey Kangaroo and Quenda.

Adult visitors 16 years of age and older who wish to camp without facilities or only with basic facilities pay a fee of $7.50 or approximately 98,000 Rp. While children between the ages of 6 and 15 pay $2.20 or about 29,000 Rp.

Adult visitors aged 16 and over who wish to camp with facilities such as showers, kitchens and picnic shelters pay a fee of $10 or about 131,000, while children aged 6 to 15 pay $2.20 or approx. iron 29,000 Rp. .

Yanchep National Park is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to five o’clock in the afternoon.

  1. Perth mint
Perth mint

In East Perth, there is a tourist spot you can visit if you are curious about how to make gold. Perth Mint was the world’s largest producer of silver and gold, which opened in 1899.

This old building is a tourist attraction that will give you a lot of insight by looking at it for yourself. You will discover how pieces of gold are then transformed into gold bars and even jewelry.

Adult visitors pay A$15 or about 149,000 rupees, while children aged 4 to 15 pay 5 Australian dollars or about 50,000 rupees.

The Perth Mint is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

  1. Kings Park and Botanical Garden
Kings Park and Botanical Garden Perth Australia

Other must-see attractions include Kings Park and Botanic Garden, which will spoil you. For lovers of tourism of historic and natural buildings, this is the right place to spend a holiday in Perth.

It is advisable to visit in September so that you can look at the spring flower that you can capture. From downtown Perth, you can take a free bus to this place.

Visitors do not pay a registration fee.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden are open daily.

  1. London Court
London Court Perth Australia

It is one of Perth’s sights and has 4 open roof levels where visitors can shop freely. Founded in 1937, this former building was built by a businessman named Claude de Bernales for residential and commercial purposes.

There are many souvenir shops in this authentic building so that tourists wishing to buy souvenirs can go directly to this place. But for those who want to stroll or stroll in a small café, you can enjoy a delicious coffee.

London Court is open every day. From Monday to Saturday, visitors will be served from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Especially on Sundays, open at midnight at 11am and closes as usual at 9pm.


Fremantle Perth Australia

Also in the Perth metropolitan area on the west coast of Australia, there is a town called Fremantle, located just 19 kilometres southwest of the central district of Busnies in Perth. With a population of about 25,000, the construction of this town is known to be part of the Swan River Colony in 1829.

The road in this city has a quiet atmosphere with many shops that can be found in the streets to the right and left. When you go to Fremantle, don’t forget to visit Fremantle Prison, considered a unique but still well-maintained tourist attraction. And is a tourist spot that suits young people.

  1. Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach Perth Australia

Want to take a trip to the beach in Perth? Cottesloe Beach is a beautiful place and you can feel relaxed when you arrive at this place. Located close to the city centre, this beach is never empty of visitors, especially if you arrive late at night.

If you are a fan or a sunset hunter, it is advisable to come in the late afternoon as this is the best time to enjoy the moment. There are many cafes in the beach area, so those who love culinary tours will always be satisfied when they are on this beach.

  1. Barracks vault
Barracks vault

The location of this building is located at the corner of Jalan Malcolm and Elder and is the result of a richard Roach Jewell project built in 1866. With a three-storey Tudor style, Barracks Arch is a building that resembles a medieval castle.

In 1887, the building was destroyed by fire on the wooden floor on the east side and the center on the second floor, but was saved and rebuilt. This historical object is a place for photography. Even nearby, you will find a statue of a man that can also be the subject of your photo.

  1. Old mill
Old mill Perth Australia

Located in south Perth, precisely at Mill Point, the Old Mill is a factory tower that underwent restoration work in conditions similar to those of the 1830s. For those who are not satisfied with the historic tours to Perth, this place is one of the most attractive tourist attractions as it is a historic monument to Perth.

Built in 1835, this classic white building overlooks the city centre south of the Swan River. Getting to this place is not difficult as tourists can enjoy the bus or ferry boat from Barrack Street Jetty to Mends Street Jetty on the south coast.

The Old Mill is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Tuesday to Friday 10am-4pm and weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 1pm to 4pm. However, operating hours can change at any time.

Visitors are not charged to enter this location.

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