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Contoh Kwitansi Travel Agent- Sample Travel Agent Receipt. Travel Agent Business Opportunities and Types and How to Get Started travel agent. Travel agent is one of the professions in the hospitality industry or the industrial sector related to hospitality activities in serving guests. Precisely in the tourism sector where the travel agent profession works. The definition of a travel agent is an agency business institution whose activities focus on the travel business. Considering that planning a trip can be said to be a long and difficult process, the role of a travel agent will help make it easier. So what are the travel agent business opportunities like? Come on, see more below.

What is a travel agent? – Contoh Kwitansi Travel Agent

The tour and travel business in Indonesia has become very legit. The potential for abundant tourist attractions is proportional to the enthusiasm of tourists who come. This is where travel agents come into play.

In fact, when compared to countries in Southeast Asia, the growth of travel agents, especially online in Indonesia, is very high.

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As explained earlier, a travel agent is a business that acts as an intermediary in booking tourist facilities and processing travel documents.

Based on Law No. 9 of 1990 Article 12, a travel agency is a business that provides planning services, as well as tourism services and implementation. Meanwhile, travel agents are business activities that organize trips where they act as intermediaries in selling or managing services.

In addition, the difference between the two also lies in the business license. Travel agencies have a wider scope of business. Starting from the sale of tourism services, tour planners and as a tour service operator.

Advantages of travel agent business
As an agency, the profits obtained by travel agents come from commissions. Generally, travel agents receive a commission of between 10-15 percent from accommodation, transportation companies, or document creation services.

Often people see that tour agents and travel agents are the same. However, both have some differences despite operating in the same business under the Ministry of Tourism.

Usually a travel agency or tour agent is appointed directly by the service provider. For example, an airline appoints a travel agency for ticket sales. So, the travel agency will deposit some money to purchase tickets from the airline.

Meanwhile, travel agents or travel agents whose business permits are only limited to retailers of tourism products produced by travel agencies. When viewed in terms of function, travel agents only serve as intermediaries or organizers.
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Register company – Contoh Kwitansi Travel Agent

This option is if you created a company while building this business. Well, registration of company names must be done to avoid things that are not desirable.

For example, related to copyright, the use of any symbols related to the company you founded.

Marketing strategy
Currently, there are many marketing strategies for business development that you can do. One of them is social media. Why social media? It should be noted that the majority of new tourism potentials in Indonesia have started and are trending or viral on social media.

What’s more, with social media, you can expand your business network to no limits. You can even reach potential local tourists or foreign tourists.

But it must be remembered, yes, social media also requires an attractive and creative package to be marketed. Again, because of the tendency of people who like visual appearance.

Grow business
You don’t want the business that was built to run in place, do you? So that that doesn’t happen, expand business networking by working together.

Collaborate with many parties related to the travel business such as hotels, transportation, restaurants, or even local governments. The more parties you invite to cooperate, the greater the benefits you will get.

The type of travel agent is seen from the source
Based on the source, travel agents are divided into two, namely:

Wholesale travel agents
Wholesale travel agents or wholesale travel agents are also known as travel agencies. Its function is to sell tourism services or products to agencies or intermediaries. Travel agencies do not use a direct sales system to their customers.

Judging from the scope, this wholesale travel agency, to the international area. And is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA).

Retail travel agents
Meanwhile, retail travel agents are also known as travel agents or intermediaries in selling tourism services and products. This travel agent sells products obtained from travel agencies.

These travel agent service facilities such as tour packages, tickets, document processing and so on. The sales system is direct to consumers. From the products and services sold, the travel agent will get a commission.

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Travel agent function
Travel agents are the solution in simplifying the planning of a tour. In addition, several other travel agent functions are as follows:

Provide tour packages and meet all needs during the trip. Starting from transportation, accommodation to event schedules, have been prepared. So, you don’t have to worry about these things.
Travel agents provide many package options that can be adjusted to the budget and also the tourist location to be addressed.
Make ordering easy. Especially with the existence of travel agent aggregators such as Traveloka, Pegipegi and so on, in addition to conventional travel agents. Booking a tour package is easier because it can be done online.

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Make it easy for consumers to compare the prices of tour packages sold.
Save the budget when the trip is done in groups. Because usually, the more participants who join the tour package, the cheaper the price.
Ensure safety and comfort during the holidays because all needs are accommodated by travel agents.
Minimize problems that may occur at tourist sites such as language problems and disinformation. This is because travel agents provide tour leaders or tour guides who help and direct their customers while at tourist sites.
Travel agents have solid and professional networks with destination city tour operators.
Make it easy to manage travel documents. This one function will be felt when visiting a country that does not yet have diplomatic relations with Indonesia.
Travel agents are detailed in determining the exact time for a particular object. For example, tourists choose a package when the cherry blossoms bloom, then the travel agent already understands in determining the month.

Travel agent duties
Judging from its function, travel agents act as organizers or people who help plan, select, and organize their consumers’ vacations. Some of the duties of other travel agents include:

Provide assistance services or communicate with clients to determine which tour package to choose. Starting from the destination, transportation, departure and return dates, budget, and required accommodation.

Determine travel and accommodation costs

  • Book transportation and hotel
  • Offering consumers a choice of tour packages
  • Collaborating with hotels and tourist attractions
  • Provide advice to his clients on equipment during the trip such as visas or passports
  • Types of tour packages from travel agents
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