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The eight stories followed over the course of the game are all compelling in different ways and each is engrossing in different ways. I mean for starters its a switch exclusive that has received a rather good pc version long before there are even whispers of other console.

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Character are 2d but they move and.

Octopath traveler review. Octopath traveler is a delightful jrpg that takes inspiration from the classics that inspired it while carving a new path with ideas ive not seen before. Octopath traveler out friday for nintendo switch is designed to be a callback to old school role playing gameswith sprites inspired by final fantasy vi and a structure reminiscent of saga. But theres more to it than that.

At first blush octopath traveler is a sprite based game that looks like itd be at home in a super nes final fantasy. Octopath traveler is an extremely satisfying storytelling experience vastly different from other traditional jrpgs out there. Octopath traveler is an oddity in so many ways.

Octopath traveler was a pretty good game on switch and a mediocre game on pc. Retro throwbacks rarely go for the mid 90s mix of 2d sprites and low res 3d models but along comes octopath traveler a game that manages to both faithfully recreate the aesthetic and add to it. Its so clearly tailored for nintendos portable system that plunking it anywhere else is just going to exacerbate the flaws that it has.

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