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Traveller a unique weeping texas redbud. Texas redbud cercis canadensis var.

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Weeping texas redbud cersis canadensis texensis traveller.

Texas traveler redbud tree. Its the state tree of oklahoma where its also native. Texas has 3 native varieties of redbud. Texensis traveller supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at daves.

However traveller is a selection of texas redbud rather than eastern redbud. A exciting new weeping redbud with vibrant pink flowers early in spring followed by buy dark glossy leaves. Lavendar twist lavendar twist is the trade name for another marvelous weeping redbud.

Oklahoma redbuds grow best as understory trees in the canopies of larger trees shade. Considered a rarity at this point in time traveler tends to sell out quickly so if you find one on the market place dont think about it too long. Compared to lavender twist redbud a canadensis species for zones 5 9.

The bright magenta flowers burst forth when most of the earth is still grey from winter. Texas redbuds have smaller glossier leaves that are more resistant to leaf tatter and fading in hot summers. The waxy upper surface of the leaves helps retard.

Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about cercis texas redbud cercis canadensis var. Traveller has graceful arching branches that produce a cascading effect. Shown here in the sperry backyard landscape.

In 1989 traveller weeping texas redbud was discovered as one of three viable seedling mutations among a sea of 10000 newly sprouted texas redbuds at madrone nurserythe seeds were from a population collected in the southeast corner of the edwards plateau in the texas hill country. The flowers seem to appear over night. You can drive past the bare branches of a dormant redbud tree everyday and never notice it.

The texas redbud cercis canadensis texensis is probably the most loved ornamental native tree in texas. Traveler redbud is a dwarf weeping form. Texas redbud grows on thin calcareous well drained soils west of eastern redbuds native habitat.

The weeping redbud in the photograph above is priced handsomely so it would be wonderful to find a source for these gorgeous trees in a smaller and less expensive size. Most of our native redbuds in texas are selections of eastern redbud. Common names include redbud traveler redbud traveller weeping redbud and weeping texas redbud.

It is smaller and more drought tolerant than its eastern relative with thick leathery much smaller leaves that have wavy margins. With the exception of this gigantic specimen i have never seen a weeping texas traveller redbud in the landscape or offered for sale. Traveller redbud is a texensis species and suited for zones 6 9.

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