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One who travels or has traveled as to distant places. Any of various devices for handling something that is being transported laterally.

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The fixed rod on which such a thimble slides.

Traveler or traveller meaning. I had a traveler the other day that made people cry in fear all the way down the hall. A person who travels often or who is travelling. One that goes on a trip or journey.

Sometimes capital a member of the travelling people. A rather stinky shit that not only dominates the bathroom of its odor but also moves into the hallway and other rooms. One who travels or has traveled as to distant places.

A rod on the deck on which such a ring slides. Traveler definition of traveler by the free dictionary. Traveler synonyms traveler pronunciation traveler translation english dictionary definition of traveler.

This term is misleading as the same risk factors may apply to first class and business class air travellers as well as travel by road and rail japan is now expecting 16 percent fewer foreign visitors than normal during the cup as business travelers and regular tourists stay away. That was a nasty traveler. Search through thousands of names that mean travel meaning of names is the place to come for the best resources for names that mean travel names that mean travel names surnames submit a name contact us.

Part of a mechanism constructed to move in a fixed course. Traveller synonyms traveller pronunciation traveller translation english dictionary definition of traveller. A person who travels or has traveled in distant places or foreign lands.

Often traveller chiefly british a. A part of a mechanism that moves in a fixed course. Traveller meaning in the cambridge english dictionary cambridge dictionaries logo.

In ring spinning a small metal device that moves rapidly around the ring and guides the yarn onto the revolving bobbin. Who took that shit. A term used by people who are travelling away from home but have distaste for the terms tourist and holidaymaker.

An iron ring sliding along a rope bar or rod of a ship. Nautical a thimble fitted to slide freely on a rope spar or rod. A person who travels esp habitually.

Travellers are often said to be distinct from touristsholidaymakers due to the fact that they travel for longer periods of time seeing a variety of places in one trip and make an effort to experience the real spirit. Get a traveler mug for your sister julia. A person or thing that travels.

Often traveller chiefly british a.

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