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Bubble class fuel cutter. These are some of the ships that can be found in the frontier region.

Safari Ship Mongoose Publishing

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In that regards packets are similar to tramp liners except packets concentrate on unscheduled communications missions while tramps concentrate on unscheduled trade missions.

Traveler rpg ships. Distance and acceleration calculator. Traveller rpg ships what others are saying on my ongoing venture to model all the classic traveller starships and small craft this 30 ton slow boat a slower high capacity and winged variant of t. Scout ships may also be reassigned to naval duty in the time of conflict or when deemed necessary.

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Brown class jump ship. The imperial data recovery system is a computer program published by fasa in 1981 as a play aid to speed up bookkeeping for traveller and assist with sector maps character and ship records accounting and encounters. See more ideas about spaceship sci fi ships and space crafts.

Bullard dempsey class cruiser. Bullfrog class fighter tender. Broadsword class mercenary cruiser.

Briareus class repair ship. Scout ships assigned to the imperial navy also fall into this category. The freelance traveller shipyard is where you can find descriptions and specifications and eventually deck plans and interior pictures we hope for starships and spaceships for all sorts of missions.

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Bee class fighter 9 tons bumblebee class fighter 17 tons wasp class heavy fighter 46 tons colibri class destroyer escort 2000 tons. Civilian ships book 2 design by. Very detailed ship designs for the races of traveller.

A packet ship primarily carries passengers on unscheduled routes. Brutus class ship transporter. Ultimately as we receive additional contributions from you our readers all incarnations of traveller will be supported.

Morrison reviewed the imperial data recovery system in the space gamer no. Military ships book 5 design by. Megatraveller ships and vehicles.

Although most scout ships belong to the iiss a small number are assigned to the navy and fulfill a variety of scouting missions and also serve as couriers. Bulwark class armored fighter. Vehicles text based.

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Freelance traveller gurps ships. Jul 20 2019 explore simon kennedys board traveller rpg ships on pinterest. Ship counters for larger scale engagements.

Brilliance class long liner. Burning sky class schooner. Birdie class imperial fleet.

Burke class destroyer leader. Ship deck plans mo ships.

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