The Unique Picasso Art Museum in Paris

The Unique Picasso Art Museum in Paris

Picasso Art Museum in Paris – Who does not know Pablo Picasso, a modern Cubist painter born in Malaga in Spain who worked and settled in Paris for the rest of his life. A museum located in a historic district, Le Marais is dedicated to him in a house that is also the residence of the maestro himself.


The Unique Picasso Art Museum in Paris

Picasso Museum, Special Art by Pablo Picasso

The Picasso Museum may not be as large as a museum similar to Barcelona, but the museum collection is still among the richest in the world with more than 250 paintings, 1,700 images, 300 sculptures and sculptures and many works of art Picasso and other artists. Some of Picasso’s masterpieces, such as The Man on the Guitar and the Demoiselles d’Avignon, are kept at the Picasso Museum in Paris.

The building that houses the Picasso Museum was originally called Hotel Sale, built between 1656 and 1659 for Pierre Aubert, a tax-rich tax officer on salt (this is where the term Hotel Sale was created) by Parisian merchants. . This luxury house in very good condition was designed by architect Jean Boullier de Bourges.

The vivid interior details were entrusted to Martin Desjardins, principal artist of the construction of the ChĂąteau de Vincennes and Les Invalides, alongside the brothers of the sculptors, Gaspard and Balthazar Marcy, whose works adorn the Palace of Versailles.

SHOPS - Musée national Picasso-Paris
SHOPS – MusĂ©e national Picasso-Paris

The Hotel Sale changed hands several times, notably at the Embassy of the Republic of Venice (1671), then at François de Neufville, Duke of Villeroi. In 1789, this house was confiscated by the revolutionaries and became the property of the French Republic. The Hotel Sale became a school in 1815 (Balzac had attended this school) and also became the School of Crafts before finally being occupied by Pablo Picasso.

The city government of Paris bought the Hotel Sale in 1964, but Pablo Picasso and his wife lived there until his death in 1973. After his death, his wife moved to the suburbs of Paris and donated Picasso’s works to become a national museum.

Picasso Museum, Special Art by Pablo Picasso
Picasso Museum, Special Art by Pablo Picasso

This is why a competition was organized in 1976 to make the Hotel Sale a museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso. The winner was Roland Simounet. The design is simple, while keeping the manor as it is but at the same time giving it a broad effect to highlight the works of Pablo Picasso.

Decorative elements have also been added to create class effects, such as chandeliers, carved chairs and tables by Diego Giacometti, specially designed for the Picasso Museum.

Picasso once said, “I am the greatest Picasso collector in the world.” Of course, although his work is widely distributed in various museums around the world – or most often in Paris, he is at the MusĂ©e d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou – but more than 3,000 of his own works have still not been exhibited to the public.

Collections of works by artists CĂ©zanne, Degas, Rousseau and Matisse

Not only his works, but he is also a collector of works by artists such as CĂ©zanne, Degas, Rousseau and Matisse. There is also Iberian bronze and some collections of primitive art. The best part of the Picasso Museum in Paris not found in museums dedicated to the maestro is a special room containing paintings painted by Picasso after his 70th birthday, shortly before his death.

France has long established inheritance taxes, taxes on national art objects that the artist must pay if the objects belong to the heirs and are not handed over to the state. In 1968, this rule was amended, according to which heirs could pay inheritance tax with works of art instead of money, provided that the donated works had an important role in the history of French art and culture.

Interior-with-Picasso Sculptures
Interior-with-Picasso Sculptures

This procedure is called name dation and can only be applied under certain conditions. Picasso’s heirs adopted this method and, for several years, Dominique Bozo (curator of the French National Museum) selected works that could be part of Picasso’s dation until 1979. Similarly, on the death of Jacquelin Picasso, wife of Pablo Picasso, collection of the Picasso Museum. with a new dating given by Picasso’s daughter.

The second floor of the Picasso Museum is a temporary exhibition space covering a variety of themes throughout the year. The third floor is a library containing important archives and documents (this library can be visited by researchers, students or journalists) and the curator’s workspace.

Not only does it contain works by famous artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, but the curator of this museum seems to be familiar with the controversy over Pablo Picasso, which is often reported by the media. A particular area is reserved for the works of cartoonists who often mock their works through comics and caricatures.

The Picasso Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on public holidays. The nearest metro station to the Picasso Museum is Saint-Paul (Line 1) or ChĂątelet-Les Halles (RER). The country that is famous for its romantic Eiffel Tower is waiting for you to be explored. There are still many recommendations for exciting tourist sites in France just for you.

Enjoy your vacation with your family in Paris

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